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It doesn’t matter if you’re a total novice in e-commerce business, and all you know how to do is share your product images on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, asking for people to share, repost or retweet.

If you’re satisfied with your 5 Sales weekly, please don’t read this, but If you truly want to increase your product sales massively; I will want you to spend the next few minutes without distractions.


This is probably a personal secret I am about to reveal to you; it’s the same strategy I’ve applied in my Online Store, yes, one of the lines of businesses we run is an Online Store. I know you don’t get to see me talk about that side of our business very often; but these strategies are what have helped us maintain our daily sales in good number:

To start with, sympathy is the least form of Marketing Strategy: I’ve read many and also wrote about this some time ago, that you can’t guilt trap anybody to buy your products.


It is the best in town, okay eh!

You are my friend and you are not patronizing me, is that fair?

Let me start deleting some inactive friends on this platform, I can’t have 5k friends and they are not buying my products…

The least is endless…


When you write like this, what’s your expectation? They should feel guilty and ask you about what products you sell or they should rush down to your page and start searching for your products so you don’t unfriend them?

This strategy has never worked, and isn’t going to ever work. Henceforth, do the following:


  1. Spell out your why factor in every product you sell.

Let me remind you again, that no one came to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to buy; two things brought them there: Useful Information, Educational updates, Entertainment (They came to unwind). If your products have the right information that aligns with their need, they will buy; that’s the WHY factor.

Why should I buy?

Before you upload any of your products, be sure to answer this question to yourself first as a customer and then judge it to see if the reason is deep enough to let them buy; otherwise; tweak further on your WHY factor.

Even if you’re selling Fashion items, you should be able to give a winning WHY buy point…


  1. Don’t sell a single product.

This is hard, but I have to write to you as a Nigerian, who has experienced the Nigerian Market and neighbouring Africa market. Making N1000 profit or less will be difficult to sustain your business online.

Even if you’re selling for survival sake, you will hardly survive.

If you have different products in similar categories (by that I mean, they complement each other), create a product COMBO or BUNDLE. With this, instead of offering so many options that leave them confused, you’ve given more reasons to buy the bundle as one or two of the products are their core interest.

Instead of selling one item for N1,500; sell 5 items for N9000 and offer free shipping.

You will make more profits and sell more products with less stress. It takes the same effort to sell the N1,500 each, to also sell the COMBO or BUNDLE for N9000, plus incentive of FREE shipping.

Psychologically, you’ve won the battle of, is there additional charges that everyone asks.


  1. Everyone is busy, they don’t have time to ask you questions about your products in your inbox.

Assume all questions and give answers to them briefly in your products sales content.

The solutions, the values, the price, the offer timeline, etc. Most importantly if you sell product that is for sensitive areas like: Skin, reproductive system, health, etc. Virtually all your prospective customers have fears about such products, address their fears as though you were right within their thoughts; with that you would have won the first test of trust.

Strategically compare their past experiences in your content and justify why what they bought earlier didn’t work.

Mildly input your strong guarantee with money back option, should it not work as promised.


  1. Raise your offer as though it’s going off in minutes.

Don’t sell as though you will be there with the same product at the same price forever. Let that sense of urgency reflect all around your offer that they can’t afford to use the word, I will get back to you.


  1. Unleash your Social Proof as often as possible.

The words of others will always convince your prospects better than the words directly from you.

Nobody wants to experiment with their money, let them know they are not the first to experience you; share what others have said about your products. This will reduce doubt and fear in them and further convince them irrespective of the amount.


  1. Be flexible in your approach


It is okay to have a payment before delivery policy in your business, but understand your environment and be more flexible in your decisions. You will sell more, when you let people pay at the point of delivery.


  1. Your product Images are your best branding:

Get the best quality images to project to your prospects. It has to attract their sight while scrolling; before they can pause to have a look and eventually buy.


  1. Build a system around your business to keep your most important assets (Leads).

One time sale, is the worst form of business marketing approach. If someone buys suit from you, he will need shoes, socks, tie, pocket filler, Cufflink, Belt, Boxers, Singlets, etc. later. Don’t lose them at a single sale. Get a system, keep their data, engage them further; build relationship, keep them and sell more to them.


  1. Don’t rely on Facebook Post on your timeline or groups only;

Use paid advertising to upscale your business sales. You can learn it, it’s one of the most important skills for every Small Business Owner, do everything you can to learn this skill and master it for your business growth.


Start applying these tips today and watch how your e-commerce business takes a new shape


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