Why do you need to stop running your next Facebook ad campaign yourself

Why do you need to stop running your next Facebook ad campaign yourself; you need to stop running it yourself if you’re not getting the desired result. A lot of people believe because they have access to Facebook that means they can always boost their ads themselves hoping that it will just magically start working. Facebook ads doesn’t work that way. There are several things you need to do, things you need to understand before they work well.

If you use the boost button on your pages, you likely will not get the desired result because you will not be narrowing down at your Target. Facebook ads does magic is if you use the targeting option of the ads manager.


In the targeting option you will choose the type of people you want to target. People that can actually afford your product, who have developed interest in your product, who may actually stay in the position area or location that want to target. So don’t just run and hoping that it will work like magic. You have to understand these basic things before your ads will work properly.

Look, if you don’t read this with an open heart you might not get the message. Over time when clients come to me and complain that they ran ads in the past and it yielded little or no results. This takes me down memory lane to the days when I’ll spend so much money on Facebook, boosting posts hoping to get massive conversion in sales not knowing my whole process was wrong and this would break me.


Now The basic 3 questions I ask such clients is:

  1. Who ran the Ad?
  2. What knowledge about your target audience and Target Market were you armed with?
  3. What Strategies was develop and how effective did it prove to be?


Whether you are a business owner or a service provider everybody can not be your target audience. It’s just like a church printing fliers and handing it over to everyone one on the streets with hope of converting them into members or potential members. Don’t get me wrong but that alone won’t guarantee that 30% of the people receiving those fliers will come to the church.

When you click boost post on Facebook or Instagram, you’re telling Facebook to do the same thing the church in my context is doing. But the earlier you realize that the best conversion comes from strategically showing your ads to your target audience (people who really need your product or service) the better for your business and money.


Learn to run your ads for your business yourself from your Ads Manager account or hire a professional for better results. If you really want to know how things go in Social Media Marketing or you have a business you want to reach more people with, and you have been having issues with running high conversion Ads, Then Seek knowledge the right way.

I hope you did find this helpful. Do you want to get clarity on Social Media Marketing? You can contact us to get started.


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