Top 7 cool gadget of 2022: newest gadget to hit the market in 2022

If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the lookout for the newest gadget to hit the market. Whether it’s a new phone, a new laptop, or even a new gaming system, you can’t help but be drawn in by the allure of new technology.

While there are plenty of great gadgets out there, there are also a few that are just a little too cool for school. Whether it’s a gadget that can be used for fun or for work, there are definitely some cool gadgets out there that we need in our lives.

Here are a few  cool gadgets we need in our lives:


Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EQ

Ever since the release of Apple’s AirPods, the style of wireless earbuds with stems has picked up drastically, and now the design-centric B&O has given it a go. In classic style for the company, these look and feel premium. They are made using a mix of glass and aluminium and have an IP57 waterproof rating (dust, water and sand resistant).

Each earbud boasts a 9.2mm driver, a microphone and high-end ANC. They even come with an impressive 28 hours of audio life. While they seem to perform well in all of the key areas, that does also mean a £359 price tag.


Samsung M8 Smart monitor

Samsung M8 smart monitor © Samsung

Squint your eyes, and Samsung’s new M8 monitor looks identical to Apple’s recent colourful iMacs… what a coincidence. However, with an affordable price tag, and an overkill of connection options, the Samsung M8 could be the perfect monitor for a lot of people.

It doubles up as a TV and monitor, offering smart TV with Netflix, YouTube and most streaming platforms, as well as connection options for most laptops, AirPlay for Apple products and even DEX to connect your Samsung smartphone as a computer. Not enough? It also has built-in speakers, a 4K display and an added webcam.


Gocycle G4 electric bike

There are now plenty of electric bikes on the market, but if you live in a city, constantly hopping on trains, buses, and up and down stairs, throwing in the ability to fold the bike down could be a necessity. That’s the key feature of the new Gocycle G4, offering a premium electric bike that can easily be folded down.

Inside you’ll find a powerful motor and there’s even an app that you can connect up which allows you to start the bike remotely, see how fast your going, how much battery you have left and more. With traction control features, this bike works great on roads, grass and other more unique terrains. There is even different modes, putting out more power where necessary.


Insta360 One

Insta360 camera © Insta360

Action cameras need to be versatile, able to catch every terrifying cliff jump, risky dirt bike trail or gnarly wave while surfing… and that’s where the new Insta360 One RS comes in. As far as action cameras go, this is one of the more unique options. It uses a modular design, offering a detachable 360 degree lens, wide angle lens and a 4K action camera that you can easily switch between. You can also detach the battery, allowing you to carry back-ups that you can snap in place quickly between stunts.


Generation Zerøgrand II

Generation ZeroGrand II shoes © ColeHaan

The sustainable shoe market is blowing up right now, with major companies trying to create the shoe that leaves the smallest carbon footprint. One of the more unique attempts at this is the recent Generation Zerøgrand II.

These shoes from Cole Haan are made using almost entirely recycled materials. The upper design is made with vegan microfiber made of 21 per cent recycled content and a felt fabric made of 85 per cent plastic bottles. The laces are completely recycled, and the most unique part, the soles have a minimum of 25 per cent natural dandelion rubber!


Logitech Litra Glow

Logitech Litra Glow © Logitech

Zoom calls and video meetings are going nowhere so why not look your absolute best while you do it? With Logitech’s new Litra Glow, you can get a nice glow at home that will make co-workers jealous – they don’t need to know you’ve just crawled out of bed!

Sensors on the Litra Glow will adjust the light’s brightness to adapt to different skin tones and diffuse the light so that you don’t look like a deer caught in the headlights. It has also been tested to make sure it is completely safe to use the lamp for long periods of time.


Sony Linkbuds

Sony Linkbuds in Grey © Sony

Sony has always been at the forefront of headphone technology and with its latest pair, it is doing something rather unique. These headphones feature a hole in them (by design – don’t worry, no parts are missing). This means you can be more aware of your surroundings and people desperately trying to get your attention while enjoying your music. It features other clever features like touch control by tapping the skin by your ear and volume that adjusts to match your environment.