What Does a Digital Marketing Specialist Do?

A digital marketing specialist is responsible for developing and executing online marketing campaigns for a company. They report to the marketing director or marketing manager and must analyze campaign results to show that marketing efforts are yielding positive results. They may also be responsible for meeting specific KPI targets. Their duties include developing written and visual content, planning digital marketing campaigns and optimizing marketing funnels.

Job duties

Digital marketing specialists devise strategies for promoting a company’s products and services, utilizing multiple channels, such as social media and paid advertising. They collect data and collaborate with other departments to create and execute campaigns. They also manage a company’s brand and create multimedia packages. Finally, they report back to management about the progress of a campaign.

A digital marketing specialist may work in a company’s marketing department or agency, or work independently as a freelancer. Usually, they report to a digital marketing manager who oversees the entire team and assigns tasks and campaigns. They may also report to a marketing vice president.

A digital marketing specialist must identify the goal of a marketing campaign, and monitor the campaign’s progress in achieving that goal. They must also refer back to the initial goal in order to stay on track. Typically, they create online content that’s engaging and aimed at generating sales. They also track the click-through rate of their content.

A digital marketing specialist will also analyze data to determine what marketing methods work best. They may use email campaigns, online advertising, search engine optimization, and other methods to reach consumers. They may also manage websites and mobile applications. They must understand the content management system of the company. They must be able to optimize the content.

Digital marketing specialists often play an integral role in efforts to secure coverage in publications outside of the company’s own. They will often create an expert article or grant an interview with a relevant media outlet to promote the company and its products and services. These efforts will help to increase the awareness of the company and establish the company as an expert in a specific area.

The digital marketing industry is constantly changing, and there’s no shortage of opportunities. If you’re looking for a challenging career with plenty of growth opportunities, consider becoming a digital marketing specialist. There are many benefits to a career in this dynamic field, including the rewards and flexibility it provides.

Digital marketing specialists often have similar skills to marketing managers, but their job duties are very different. A digital marketing specialist has experience in analytics, website content, email campaigns, and project management, while a marketing manager must have experience in salesforce, partnerships, and LinkedIn. Unlike a marketing manager, a digital marketing specialist is paid a higher salary than a marketing manager.

Those in this profession can work in a variety of settings, including advertising agencies, in-house teams, or even start their own firms. They may be employed as digital sales executives, internet marketers, search engine optimization specialists, and digital marketing directors. Depending on experience and education, they can earn an average of $32,421 per year.

Education requirements

If you’re interested in a career in digital marketing, there are specific education requirements to become a digital marketing specialist. As the industry continues to evolve, these requirements are ever-changing. As such, a digital marketing specialist must continually learn and grow to stay up-to-date with new trends and techniques. A degree in digital marketing can help you get the education and experience you need to excel in this field.

Depending on the position, a digital marketing specialist will be responsible for increasing the visibility of internet-based products and services. They may also coordinate email campaigns and use analytics software to track website visitors. Typically, these specialists work with marketing teams to promote brands or products. The education and training required for a position in this field is quite broad.

As a digital marketing specialist, it is important to have a thorough knowledge of various marketing channels. As such, they must know what each channel can offer and which ones offer the most value. In addition, they should enjoy keeping abreast of the latest technology. However, their enthusiasm should not overshadow their objectivity.

Those interested in becoming a digital marketing specialist should have at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. For example, a bachelor’s degree in marketing, journalism, or communications can give you a solid foundation for your career. Taking courses related to these fields will allow you to be exposed to various tools and strategies that will increase your potential for success. There are also many online courses you can take to further develop your skills.

If you’re interested in becoming a digital marketing specialist, you should consider pursuing digital marketing certifications. The Professional Certified Marketer (PCM) certification is one such option. This certification is offered by the American Marketing Association. Obtaining this certification requires that you pass a 120-question exam with 80% proficiency. The certification is valid for three years and requires that you earn a minimum of ten continuing education credits each year.

Besides having the right skills and qualifications, being a digital marketer requires a strong understanding of technology. Many jobs in this field require a solid understanding of data analysis and writing. You can also specialize in a particular area and use your unique skills to create a highly effective strategy. For example, you could become a content strategist by studying Creative Writing or Web Design. These degrees often offer cross-over skills, which will help you land a good job.

Although there are a variety of degrees available for digital marketing, there are a few essential elements that every digital marketer must possess. First, you should be able to use the fundamental marketing tools like Google Analytics, Microsoft Excel, Ahrefs, Semrush, Hubspot, and project management tools like Asana. In addition, you should be able to understand content management systems like WordPress. Additionally, you should be analytical and have a passion for data.


The salary of a digital marketing specialist can vary widely, depending on where you live and where you work. Although most digital jobs can be performed from home, salary rates have not caught up to remote working trends. This is due to the fact that companies have real-world running costs that can affect salaries.

While the average salary of a digital marketing specialist is $54,748 per year, many people earn more than that. A senior digital marketing specialist can earn up to $82,000 a year, depending on their experience and the level of responsibility they have. Many digital marketing specialists also manage budgets.

A digital marketing specialist’s job is to create, manage, and optimize marketing campaigns through the use of different channels. They use analytical tools and data to measure campaign effectiveness. This will help them determine the most effective strategies to further the business’ goals. They will also create written and visual content and optimize marketing funnels.

A digital marketing specialist’s salary will vary depending on their role and the company they work for. In general, they earn more than a traditional marketing manager. However, experience and expertise are important factors in determining the salary. A digital marketing specialist who is an expert in social media marketing will likely earn a higher salary than a general digital marketer who is still just starting out.

Salary is higher in cities with a larger population than in smaller cities. For example, marketers in Los Angeles and San Francisco earn 33% more than those in rural areas. Likewise, digital marketing specialists who work as part of a team are likely to earn more than a solo specialist. They may also participate in decision-making boards.

As with any job, experience and education are important. A bachelor’s degree will help boost your chances of getting hired. However, you can also find jobs in digital marketing without a degree. In addition to education, you can take online courses and learn new technologies. A master’s degree can help you earn more and get a higher-paying job.

Another factor in determining salary is how active you are. You should promote your work online on high-authority websites. These websites are often selective and only accept contributions from expert contributors. Getting articles published on these sites is a great way to build your authority and trust, which can help you ask for a higher salary.