Which business can I start with 1 million naira and make good profit every month?

Which business can I start with 1 million

One of our readers ask the above question. Below are some answers from our readers

  1. I started a business with N161,000 and made N1 million in 3 months. You don’t need 10 million Naira capital to make 1 million in a month. It’s quite risky to start up with such amount. All you need to make 1 million in a month should not be more than 1 million Naira as your capital.

And I have read comments from people talking about partnership. The thing just easy for una mouth because una don hear 10 million. If they give you the money now, we go begin hear stories.

People talking about building hostels are even funnier. Except na for village you go build hostel with 10 million.

My advise is for the person to just start with 1 million oo, no matter what business advice you get from the comments. It is easier said than done. Na when you enter practical you go know say khaki no be leather.

If you are a start up, don’t start a business with more than 1 million Naira in Nigeria.

E go be.


  1. Garri processing stands a better chance to give him that. I’m in an area where garri is very cheap that the first day I bought garri I thought the woman gave me more than my change.

If he can’t be physically present, I get to partner with him while I do all the physical works. A lawyer must definitely be involved.


  1. Green House farming. Focus on ball pepper and sweet corn. That return is sure. But you will certainly need the services of an agronomist.


Go to remote villages. Lease land and plant cassava. The return is not monthly but once you harvest, you have your capital doubled.


  1. The school business in Cotonou is the bomb now, we need partners, student are down already, we have the franchise already, it’s just structure that is remaining, Nigerian student are fleeing Nigeria ,they are now populating Benin republic because the education there is faster and they serve, please anyone willing to partner chat me up


  1. He/she should go into Power Solutions. Renewable energy solutions like solar, inverter etc and electrical cables and accessories.

The ROI is huge.


  1. He should trade for better income. With just 3m, he acquires a 100k$ trading account.

We will write the test for him, and he gets the 100k$ trading fund. We do the trading and pay him 2k$ monthly for as long as….

Less headache, no stress, more money, less capital


  1. He can build hostels, staff quarters, hotel or Bar for students or buy land for long term appreciation.

I have few plots of land currently around Alex ekwueme federal University Ndufu Alike Ikwo, Ebonyi State.(That is where I work). A plot goes for 2m, 2.5 and 3m per plot depending. 100 by 100 per plot.

A very tiny room for students goes for 140-160k per yer the last time I checked

Imagine having 50 rooms or more…


  1. In most parts of the north portable water is pretty hard to find , hence the increase in demand for water. Borehole business will guarantee him permanent financial freedom .. the drilling machine cost about 120million but with 10million the machine can be leased to him then he pays instrumentally until he completes it… the profit he’s gonna be making in that business will scare the day light out of him ..


  1. He should go into E commerce and sell products that are expensive and not common like digital Safe the least price is from 180,000.

Run paid ad and Do pay on delivery for such items they sell.


  1. If the person is Lagos, he / she should go to Depot and learn how to trade on AGO and PMS. You can make that every month. In as much as the person has money for 1/2 trucks


  1. If he is ready, I will build a sachet water factory with it in Bayelsa…

I have the land and the formation where my land is, is almost ion free…

In BAYELSA sachet water business is big business cus of the terrain(feasibility).

We will sign every needed documents and I will pay him 1million naira everymonth..



  1. I’d strongly encourage the client to deploy the said sum to anything related to edibles.

The year 2020 opened my eyes to the gold in the food industry; while other businesses were crashing amidst the pandemic, stakeholders in the food/agricultural sector soared. They made so much money if not for anything, food was considered an essential commodity. Every other sector may crash, but the food industry will pull through, somehow.

I’m open to partnerships for food-related businesses.

The business is all related to the sales & production of foods, beverages and 100% natural spices and condiments. Quite lucrative with relatively low risks associated with government commerce/economic policies. So it’s sustainable. We can discuss further.

Warm regards.


  1. Obviously, this person is realistic..

Considering the starting capital of 10M and an estimated monthly returns of around 2-3M.

There are a couple of businesses that could yield such.

  1. Pure Water or Table Bottle water or Alkaline Water production.
  2. Business Center in a strategic or appealing site. (In a University or Polytechnic or just a clustered place in the city). I can be his or her consultant for this. I’m well experienced on this.
  3. Strawberry (If he or she still wants to start from the farming aspect, still good but he needs to decide if he will really go down himself or get a consultant and pays him for his services). The downstream is where needs skills and expertise to really make the real money. He or she can partner with me..
  4. Milk, Oat, Beverages Storage and resell. But he has to have a warehouse sort of or partner with someone who’s a guru on this too.
  5. Fish Farming.. Get a consultant too.. You can do both the farming and business. Like Grilling it or setting up a Grill Spot with Barbecue chicken to follow suit.
  6. Selectively process certain common commodities like Garri and make sure they’re sandless…

I Don try..


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