Important of monetizing your online product in different currencies

Important of monetizing your online product in different currencies

What are the important of monetizing your online product in different currencies? If you have your online product in one currency, you will be limiting the potentials of your buying audience. If you are in Africa for instance, African countries have different currencies and different modes of payment.


In Africa, several countries can’t make payment with PayPal and other foreign payment gateways. This is the reason why it is very important that you include the payment option available in those countries so you don’t lose any customers because of the mode of payment.


A lot of African countries have dollar restrictions on their card which means they cannot make transaction with their local ATM cards.


Adding payment options available in the countries they are located will go a long way in making the payment easy for them there by increasing the orders from those countries. Don’t just assume that they are going to figure out how to make payment. Make the payment option very easy for them and see how your business will receive a whole lot of purchases.



When selling anything to other countries (maybe online courses or whatever), please ensure to specifically mention their preferred method of payment, as available.



– If you are selling to Ghanaians, include PAY HERE WITH MOMO

– If you are selling to Kenyans, include PAY WITH MPESA

– If you are selling to Nigerians, include PAY BY BANK TRANSFER


Find out the preferred payment method in that country or area, include it in your payment options and SHOUT IT LOUD THAT YOU HAVE THAT OPTION.

The brain immediately transmits a message of convenience when you allow a customer to buy in his easiest method.


Someone in Nigeria for instance is thinking, how do I get Ghana Momo, Kenya Mpesa and Nigerian transfer?


Flutterwave has them all. There may be other payment gateways that have them, but I know Flutterwave have all the features.

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