Best Ways to Learn Digital Marketing

Best Ways to Learn Digital Marketing

The best way to learn digital marketing is to get hands-on experience. This means creating test campaigns, monitoring results, and optimizing campaigns. It is crucial to make mistakes in order to learn from them. While taking a course, you will be following study materials, but you won’t be working with real business budgets. Some courses even come with associated qualifications and certifications.


Coursera offers a variety of free and paid courses for digital marketers. Many courses are interactive, which makes it easy for people to learn at their own pace. Some courses are written by professionals with experience in the field. One example is the course on content marketing, taught by Sharon Hurley Hall. She is certified in email and content marketing and has written for several websites and blogs.

This digital marketing course offers a technical mentor, personal career coach, and career services, which is invaluable for beginners. It costs $399 per month and takes three months to complete. The instructor’s advice and support are valuable, but you can’t expect to learn everything in one day.

Coursera offers high-quality courses taught by experts from leading universities. The courses are delivered online, with video lectures, text and downloads, and a variety of interactive elements, like quizzes and colored labels. Coursera also offers courses in business, languages, and personal development.

Coursera is free for auditing courses, but it can be expensive to earn a certification. If you want to learn more about digital marketing, there are cheaper alternatives. You can also use Fiverr Learn, which is cheap and gives you a cool profile badge. Udemy is another great alternative, but it is not free.

One of the most popular free courses is “Marketing in a Digital World,” taught by a professor at the University of Illinois. This course is aimed at teaching marketers how to adapt their marketing strategies to a digital world where the power of marketing is in the hands of the consumer.

HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy offers a variety of free digital marketing courses. Each course focuses on a specific topic and is comprised of short videos and slide decks. The course content is created by industry experts and tech leaders. The videos provide relevant industry information and growth tips, while the lectures are up-to-date. The course also features a certificate that can be printed or embedded into a website.

The courses are designed for varying skill levels, including absolute beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners. They consist of eight lessons and a total of 38 videos, which last for four and a half hours. Upon completion, students are eligible to take a HubSpot Academy certification exam.

The training course also includes on-demand videos and examples from HubSpot Agency Partners. You’ll also learn about how to design an effective campaign, use marketing automation, and measure the success of your efforts. The course covers key marketing strategies, and helps you develop a strategy that will boost your conversions.

The course is completely free to take. Courses can be completed in one to four hours, depending on your time and interest. The courses also include interactive quizzes and a final assignment. Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll be able to transfer it to a different email address if you need to.

Coursera specializations

If you’re looking for a quick online course that will teach you the basics of digital marketing, Coursera is the place to go. Since its inception, this online training program has garnered praise from leading business magazines. The course is taught by four industry experts, all professors with backgrounds in related fields. Each instructor teaches the course using case studies to demonstrate what they’re teaching.

If you’d like to learn more about digital marketing, there are several Coursera specializations you can choose from. These specializations cover the basics of content marketing, copywriting, and social media marketing. You’ll learn the best ways to gain targeted followers on social networks and how to create a professional presence across several platforms.

The University of Illinois offers a Coursera digital marketing specialization. This course is aimed at beginners and takes 8 months to complete. During this time, you will also learn about different aspects of the industry. While digital marketing wasn’t a big deal before the digital revolution, it’s now a booming industry, with a variety of new tools and techniques that make the consumer experience better.

The Google Certified Marketing Associate (GCMA) program aims to teach you the essentials of digital marketing, as well as prepare you for entry-level roles in the industry. It includes 7 courses with over 190 hours of instruction, practice-based assessments, and software such as Google Analytics and social media calendars. You’ll also gain real-world problem-solving skills.


Udemy offers a wide variety of online courses in digital marketing. From fundamentals to advanced topics, the courses on Udemy can help you develop your skills. The courses range from social media marketing to e-commerce. Each course covers various topics, and many come with practice exercises. You will also learn how to use tools like Google Analytics, social media calendars, and Canva.

Udemy also offers several courses from renowned digital marketing experts. Some of these courses are completely free of charge. These courses cover everything from how to use Google Analytics to implementing a website strategy. You can also find many digital marketing courses on Udemy, including blogging.

Udemy’s Nanodegree in Digital Marketing program is a great place to learn about the fundamentals of digital marketing. You can learn about SEO, social media marketing, display advertising, email marketing, and Google Analytics. All of these topics can help you improve your business and gain a competitive edge in today’s market.

Digital marketing courses on Udemy cover various topics, including the fundamentals of digital marketing and advanced strategies. Several courses are broken down into modules, such as Facebook ads, LinkedIn marketing, Pinterest marketing, Quora marketing, Google Ads, and other topics. In addition, there are supplemental resources, such as case studies and articles. With nearly 40 hours of content, this course is perfect for beginners and professionals alike.

The Complete Digital Marketing Course is one course you should consider. It includes two-and-a-half hours of video content, as well as articles and downloadable resources. It has been taken by more than 70000 students. Google’s Digital Garage platform also offers free courses on various topics. The Digital Marketing Nanodegree program is another great option. The course is accredited by the American Advertising Federation.


If you’re new to digital marketing, you can take free classes on Skillshare to learn the basics. These courses are created by seasoned marketers and best-in-class institutions. They include real-world examples, ad campaigns, and tests. You can even sign up for a free 14-day trial to watch as many digital marketing classes as you want.

You can find a wealth of courses on digital marketing on Skillshare, including courses taught by well-known speakers. For example, the three-hour marketing class taught by Seth Godin walks students through the four building blocks of modern marketing and provides them with a glossary of 50 key marketing terms. After completing the course, you will create your own marketing campaign, using your own business or favorite brand, and you’ll receive a detailed calendar of when you need to start implementing your marketing strategy.

Once you sign up for a membership, you’ll be able to access thousands of free courses. Skillshare’s courses are divided into categories based on subject matter. Most courses last between one and two hours and are comprised of a series of ten-minute videos. In addition to watching videos, you’ll be asked to complete projects, participate in discussions, and share your work with the community. You can even become a member of a team and earn a discount.

If you’re new to digital marketing, you may want to start by taking a free affiliate marketing course. This course will teach you everything you need to get started in affiliate marketing. The course will cover Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Clickbank, Offervault, Thrive Marketplace, and Ringpartner. There are over 1,000 students who have taken this course.

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