China Import Export: How One Product From China Can Change Your Life

china import export

In year 2019, my friend made N6.5m from selling a beard growth/grooming package. That is like N542,000 a month if you had to break it down to 12 months. China Import Export


Before then, he was an ordinary youth corper who didn’t know what to do with his life. He had N84,000 ($190) in his savings but didn’t know what to do with it. He used N10,000 to purchase a course on ecommerce from Pat Ogidi


After going through it, the part that strike him the most was where he explained the business model known as “Smart Ecommerce” and that is what he started to work on immediately.


Around June, he launched a beard growth/grooming package which consists of a cream, Shampoo and beard comb. He was importing the whole package from China via 1688


And he started selling the package on Instagram for N12,000. According to him, he made N6.5m selling this beard package. I like this guy because he is a ruthless action taker. Most people want to get everything right before taking a step of action and end up doing nothing.


If he had asked me for my opinion about selling a beard package, I probably would have told him NOT to do it based on my “experience”. But he simply made a decision and acted on it.

He didn’t even have a website. He still doesn’t have one. He doesn’t have an office. He simply runs his adverts via an Instagram page and delivers the products to the courier companies himself.


I would have shared his Instagram page but I don’t have the permission to do so PLUS many people will go there and start copying the guy’s product.


Anyway…just one product from China changed his life. One product from China can change your life too if you overcome your fears and take action.


2022 will soon be over. What did you achieve this year in terms of income growth so far? What do you want to achieve next year? Experts say Ecommerce in Nigeria will be worth $67 Billion in 2023.


You can decide to be one of the buyers. Or you can be one of those who sell and grow their bank account with this opportunity. Start by spending a few minutes to watch this video training from Patrick Ogidi about smart Ecommerc.


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