How to keep customers coming back: 3 Tips to Keep Customers Come Back Several Times without Begging Them

How to keep customers coming back

To grow your business, you need to acquire new customers and even acquiring new customers Is Not Enough. If you want to run a sustainable business, customer retention is the key , You need to find how to keep customers coming back. If you keep acquiring new customers that doesn’t come back to your business, it means that you have to keep spending a lot of money acquiring new customers and make the new customers always be new to the business.

So are there anything a business owner need to do that can help him to keep his customers always coming back to his business? In this guide I’m going to share with you some tips that will help you to keep your customers coming back, not just that but will be begging you for more of your products and services.

At the end of this post, you will find the execution plan we’ve made to help you keep track of your customers’ retention strategy.


7 tips that help you build a strong relationship with customers and make buy more:

  1. Provide excellent customer satisfaction

The happier the customers are with you, the better chance they will come back. The first thing you should focus on as a business owner is to make sure everyone is satisfied. The first thing you owe your customers besides offering products or services of high quality is customer service satisfaction. It is the highest impact on customer. Study shows that bad customer service can push away more than 70% of your customers.

Your customer support department should be the first place you would want to put all the effort in when setting up your business because this is the first place all our customers meet when they actually come to your business. So make sure the respond very quickly.

Do your best to help customers because if you don’t satisfy them, they will not come back. They will just look for somewhere else. Everybody want to be treated right. Evening for that buyer that little or nothing. Don’t think how much they paying is not big enough for you to pay Close attention to them. Don’t ever do that because that same person that is purchasing little things today can refer somebody that can bring in the big sales tomorrow.


  1. Show your appreciation to your customers & Improve customer experience

Appreciate your customers all the time. Customers love it and trust me they will keep coming back. Whatever the purchase, don’t forget to say thank you also post them on your Facebook page, on your stories and WhatsApp status, they will enjoy it.

Also try to get feedback from them and most importantly improve the customer experience. Let those that are shopping from your website feel relaxed and enjoy their shopping.

Let There Be a smooth navigation up until Checkout because if your website is hanging for instance, the loading speed is one this thing that can actually affect your customer experience and it can actually stop them from coming back to purchase from you.


  1. Offer rewards to motivate customers to come back

Most customers will decide to come back to your business if there is something in for them. Many people like Freebies. Something they will keep looking forward to while thinking where to shop. People generally like to be giving a gift.

So decide today to offer something as a gift or as a bonus to your customers. These things will make them very loyal to you because it’s only very few people out there that are willing to offer something free. And this singular act will make you to standout.

You can as well craft a very good message and send to them on their birthdays and anniversaries. This things will actually motivate a lot of customers to believe that this business actually Cares for Me. If a business is offering services you can put some free download on your website and give to them and through that you can get their email address, and through that, you will continue promoting your business to them.



In conclusion, you have to know that the first time customers shop with you, they are actually risking their money. If they come back the second time it means they trust you. From the third and fourth time they become loyal customers.

You know that to earn customers trust and loyalty, you have to dedicate your time and effort in satisfying them. It is not an easy task so you shouldn’t expect all this to happen in a short period of time.

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